Got my CWNA


Passed Cisco Wireless Network Administrator exam, a vendor-independent certification promoted by CWNP Foundation.

My past Wi-Fi experience was 99.9% Cisco and in my opinion Cisco has excellent matherials on how to design, deploy and troubleshoot its solutions, so does it pay great attention to theoretical basics. Cisco solution also provides you with very good set of troubleshooting tools. Whether in the future I still will be deploying and troubleshooting Cisco solutions or not, studying for a vendor independent certifications seemed to be very useful to better understand what I am doing and what is actually going on “in the air”.

May seem trivial but worth repeating: the deeper you go into theory the more developed and solid will be your ideas on how to design, configure or troubleshoot something. CWNA is definitely a good step towards this direction.

Now moving on to reading Certified Wireless Analysis Professional matherials.